Under the new brand MaxiMarin GROUP® acts  the corporation consisting of:

  • PE " Scientific and Production Centre with IT, " Maximarin ";

The corporation was founded to provide a wide range of services in the following areas:

  • production and delivery of machines, equipment, espaliers, containers and bins for horticulture, viticulture and vegeculture;
  • service, spare parts, delivery;
  • introduction of resource-saving technologies in modern agricultural production;
  • comprehensive and comfortable customer service, almost all necessary goods and services can be purchased in one place.

PE Innovation Center with  IT "Maximarin" holds leading market positions in Ukraine in the field of development and implementation of innovative technologies targeted at preservation and regulation of moisture in the soil as well as improvement of soil characteristics.

The company produces products under the trademark "MaxiMarin", which enable plants to use natural moisture fully, help to reduce frequency and volume of watering by more than 50%, thereby to reduce irrigation costs and to improve aeration and drainage of wet soils. The most advanced technologies can greatly develop our agriculture.

Specialists of the PE " Scientific and Production Centre with IT, " Maximarin" have many years of experience in solving urgent issues concerning moisture control, using a complex approach to the soil features and the characteristics of each plant, and offer innovative technologies.

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